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If your vehicle is damaged in a hailstorm, the partially comprehensive insurance normally covers the full cost of repairs. In this event, you retain your no-claims discount.

Mobile: +49 178 63 21 875

autodoktorI am known as either a bump doctor or dent doctor, hailstorm technician and specialist.

I remove dents WITHOUT damaging the paintwork. Parking dents, dents from hailstones/ hail damage are removed without the need for repainting. High level removal of dents.

I am no doctor, but I do make house calls - you don't have to come to me, I can call to you.

Hailstorm repairs are usually performed on your vehicle without painting. However, if the dents are too large and deep, the metal is overstretched and can then only be repaired in the conventional way - this can mean that in rare cases it is necessary to repaint.

See for yourself, because perfection is the future.

The advantages of PAINTLESS dent removal:

  • Considerably lower repair costs and shorter repair times
  • WITHOUT repainting (original paint is retained)
  • On-site repairs
  • European management of claims settlement
  • Assessment of hail damages

Kneissl Ausbeultechnik GmbH
PAINTLESS Dent Removal

Göthestr. 7
D-87740 Buxheim

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