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Information on smooth repair methods of vehicles:

Paintless dent removal (PDR) involves dealing with dents from the underside of the metal. Special levers made from spring steel are used to target and remove the dent from the underside.

Where there is accessible damage such as on engine bonnets, boot lids etc. the dent removal tool is inserted via special roof chains which are mounted in existing holes. Even inaccessible locations, such as dents in supports or narrow seams are not a problem. Even these dents can be perfectly repaired using a specialised narrow tool.

Smooth repair of engine bonnets, boot lids, doors, wings and on the roof of the vehicle, even including bonded parts, is possible using the dent removal lever.

WITHOUTneeding to repaint

Large dents are also removed in this manner.

Reverting the metal back to its original shape can result in a slight over stretching. This slight elevation can be reshaped using a nylon, plastic or Teflon striker pin. Using plastic on the paint in this way ensures that there is no damage to it.

Any imperfections and differences in the paint surface are removed without a trace by polishing the top coat of clear varnish. A very fine grained wet polisher is used for this purpose.

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